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Contacting Technical Support for Plasmid ARTIST®

We are sorry but we are no longer supporting Plasmid ARTIST

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Last Version Information

The last version of Plasmid ARTIST® is version 1.2.3r15. This version contains many bug fixes since version 1.2.1, especially with regard to saving EPSF files.

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Mac OS X Classic Compatibility

Plasmid ARTIST® will run on most Macintosh computers running operating systems from version 7 through version 9 (including 9.2). It will run in MacOSX versions 10.1.x or 10.2.x in Classic mode. Should you have any difficulties running Plasmid ARTIST on your computer, please check the Frequently Asked Questions in the Technical Support section of this web site. In particular, if the program installs and starts up, but immediately quits, please check the question related to setting your File Sharing Computer Name as it relates to earlier versions of the MacOS and to MacOSX.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Symptom: Plasmid ARTIST launches then quits immediately after first installing it on a new computer or with a new operating system.

Problem: Plasmid ARTIST is registered for use on one computer and it needs to verify that computer's name. Most likely, your computer has not yet had its name defined.

Solution: Please follow these simple steps

  1. If you are running MacOSX, first run a Classic application (such as SimpleText) so that you can access the Apple menu in the Classic environment. (If you are not running MacOSX, you can skip this step.)
  2. In the Apple Menu, select the "File Sharing" item under the "Control Panels" section.
  3. Enter an "Owner Name" and "Computer Name" in the File Sharing control panel. A password is optional.
  4. Close the File Sharing control panel. (You do NOT need to start file sharing, just enter the names.)
  5. Try launching Plasmid ARTIST again. You may need to re-enter your authentication code but after entering it the application will launch and offer to create a new map.

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